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Healthier Rural West Summit was held in Salt Lake City on March 19-21, 2019. This Summit synopsis resource, Healthier America: Transitioning from Crisis to Well-Being, succinctly captures the health issues impacting rural health and beyond and, more importantly, provides a robust array of evolving solutions to deliver on the quadruple aim: better health, better care, lower cost, satisfaction.
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmary. World Health Organization (1948)
In these times, if “I” is replaced with “WE”, even illness becomes wellness.” We can only work towards a healthier Rural West together. Phil Polakoff, MD, Founder/CEO A Healthier WE, Consulting Professor Stanford University School of Medicine

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A Healthier WE (a not-for-profit organization) along with Founding Sponsor Intermountain Healthcare, the Summit will draw 400 rural healthcare providers, public leaders in local and state government, education, technology, and business leaders and community advocacy organizations. In a highly participative format, the event will debate, discuss and formulate success strategies for creating well-being in the West through inspiring talks, interactive sessions, panel discussions and networking.

The Healthier Rural West Summit was held on March 19-21, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Summit, produced by A Healthier WE (not-for-profit organization) and co-sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare. It aims to address many key challenges by offering an inspiring vision of rural cooperation and leadership in the coming information and health economies.

This unique and highly interactive and participative Summit will draw 400 stakeholders from across health providers, policymakers, Rural
West public leaders: federal, state and county health directors, University policy, research, and teaching faculty, community activists, business and technology leaders, Health systems and payors. Over the course of two days, they will listen to inspiring talks, and participate in sessions to debate, discuss and formulate successful strategies for creating well-being in the West.

The Healthier Rural West Resource Guide is intended to serve as a pre-reading primer for conference attendees; highlight the vital contributions of individuals and organizations whose efforts have been shown to be effective in improving rural health; serve as a repository and clearinghouse for useful tools; and to disseminate actionable information on both looming challenges and time-tested solutions.

The Healthier Rural West Summit’s Core Objectives and Key Results are:

1. Assemble civic, faith, healthcare and citizen leadership at the community, county, state, regional and federal level to address current rural health’s critical issues from a 360 degree perspective

2. Present, in an engaging manner, proven best practices and lessons learned in transforming health needs to well-being in rural communities

3. Provide experiential learning by using a presentation format where attendees are given time to conceptualize and visualize how best practices can work in their community

4. In closure of Summit identify minimum of 5 new initiatives for incubation

5. Define next steps needed for leaders to achieve their health transformation objectives

One of the most critical and underreported health crises in the United States today is individual and community health and well-being in the rural American West. Although rural health care is deficient everywhere in the United States, nowhere more so than in the West, where considerations of distance, lack of sufficient number of qualified health providers, culture, economic status, education, and environment pose special challenges.

But poorly nuanced policy, underfunded public health, rising healthcare costs, and disparities in access to care are exacerbating poor health outcomes in rural areas, increasing poverty, an aging population, antiquated educational approaches, and a rapidly changing environment now pose imminent challenges to the health and wellness in the rural America West and beyond.

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